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February 2009

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« Renovisions »

What could be the thread that runs through the career of the Belgian architect Joël Claisse and the Porsche museum in Stuttgart? What do the sober and organised activities of a humanist and a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium since last year, have in common with this monumental project selected from about 170 entries that flowed in from all over the world, and cost an estimated 100 million euro? Nothing, it would seem, unless it has something to do with the degree of architectural diversity. This brings us to a discussion about symbolism in architecture and a respect for history, whether or not this concerns a project or a city. This respect increasingly forms the skeleton of architectural or urban projects. Work on the memory of the location and architectural retraining is good practice. By preserving the heritage, it avoids the trauma of the tabula rasa, and spares budgets and environmental resources. This method is most convincing if it avoids stylistic imitation, especially in the new additions. It is then, in the light of a new programme, that the designer weaves completely new relationships into functions of use and heritage values. Every re-education is a specific construction site.  And if a theoretical approach to problems is necessary, the inequality of the projects implicates an experimental method as one could say that the existing tends to resist this link with new forms. Calm or daring, the play of contrasts between the materials or architectural approach with a sensitivity to detail, the work done to what exists adds an extra dynamic element. The classified or patrimonial buildings are renovated in order to restore the value of their architectural qualities, regardless of their new function. As far as industrial buildings are concerned, and they are flourishing in Europe, the numerous examples which have been saved from demolition and restored to their former glory, reveal that an extra architectural value can be added to their commercial value.

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Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

Built to replace a modest museum built in 1976 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the new recently opened museum is worthy of the history of Porsche.

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DLH - Ifix

Looking for a superb solution for a terrace to the house, loft apartment or around the swimming pool?

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Joël Claisse, Brussels
Architecture without concessions

For 35 years now, popular Joël Claisse (1948) has advocated an architectural approach that rejects systems but constantly questions itself.

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Competition in the spotlight

SAIE Selection '09

BolognaFiere and Archi-Europe jointly organize a special contest "SAIE Selection 09" in order to select 24 projects and concepts (12 for young architects and 12 for students) presenting Low cost and Low energy sustainable housing.

These 24 projects (concepts) will be presented in a special dedicated exhibition 'Cuore Mostra Saie 2009' in the framework of the SAIE International Building Exhibition taking place in Bologna (Italy) from October 28 to October 31, 2009.

The contest is open to Young architects (under 45) and to Students in architecture.
Deadline for receipt of entries is 31 July 2009.


Living Stones
(> 07/03/2009) - Haarlem (NL)
Typisch Wolfsburg!
(> 8/03/2009) - Berlin (DE)
(26/02 - 8/03/2009) - Brussels (BE)
(10 - 13/03/2009) - Cannes (FR)
Ron Arad
(25 - 16/03/2009) - Paris (FR)
(14 - 22/03/2009) - Vienna (AT)
Nuova Architettura Francese
(> 28/03/2009) - Ceggia (IT)
(31/03 - 03/04/2009) - Moscow (RU)
(8 - 10/04/2009) - Birmingham (UK)
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The Art Fund Pavilion Architectural Competition
Deadline : 03/03/2009
World Sustainability Centre
Deadline : 01/05/2009
Europan 10
Deadline : 29/05/2009
Aluminium in Renovation Award 2009
Deadline : 01/06/2009
Touch of Glass: Interior Design Contest
Deadline : 29/06/2009
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1. Bâtir des villes durables
Jean-Marie Beaupuy
240 pages | 23.00 €
Editions Yves Michel
ISBN 9782913492622

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2. Holz Brandschutz Handbuch
Claus Scheer & Mandy Peter
614 pages | 129 €
Editions Ernst,Wilhelm & Sohn, Verlag fur Architektur und Technische Wissenschaften
ISBN 978 3433029022

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3. Dutch Architects 9
Lesley Moore
264 pages |66.95

Editions Bis Publishers
Dutch / English

ISBN 9789063691967
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