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April 2009

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On the move

Architecture goes on in spite of the crisis! This is what Dominique Tessier said in the headlines of the Moniteur in January. President of the Ile de France Order of Architects, he lambasted this buzz word which now means anything that can’t be resolved with normal methods. And he wanted to investigate this crisis which might be a salutary shock and a big challenge. He went on to say that the architect's profession is closely linked to the practicalities of the project. It is a place for anticipation, conception of the future, and we can see that the real question is not to submit but to get the conviction of the players who have everything to gain by sharing an architectural culture rooted in centuries of know how.” And what is the position of architects in this debate? The collaborators of the LAN architects agency we are presenting this month attempt to respond in a book (You Can Be Young) revealing some things that you never read in works on architecture. On the basis of a sort of illustrated agenda recounting mistakes not to make and the different episodes of their journey (or that of other young agencies), we find how much the profession is changing. The new tools and technologies are a help, young architecture agencies have become small businesses with an acute awareness of the laws of the market, with an immediately recognisable image. “We were trained to use words like beautiful, poetic or simply functional, but now we are starting to say High performance. This worrying and seductive unique situation makes us different from our predecessors. To find a place in this change is a real challenge for the future.Architects' Energy versus Global Crises”, in the same spirit, will be the theme defined by the Council of the International Union of Architects for the Day of Architecture  2009, on 5 November. Food for thought...

The Archi-Europe team

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Regaled with many prizes through the whole of 2008, this unusual project with a gangly profile emerging from the river IJ owes its existence to the tenacity of Trude Hooykaas.

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DLH - Ifix

Looking for a superb solution for a terrace to the house, loft apartment or around the swimming pool?

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LAN Architecture

The EDF Archives building in Bure (France) is the winning design of the Archi-Bau Awards in the Green Building category showed the talent of a French Italian duo, Benoit Jallon and Umberto Napolitano.

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Competition in the spotlight

SAIE Selection '09

BolognaFiere and Archi-Europe jointly organize a special contest "SAIE Selection 09" in order to select 24 projects and concepts (12 for young architects and 12 for students) presenting Low cost and Low energy sustainable housing.

These 24 projects (concepts) will be presented in a special dedicated exhibition 'Cuore Mostra Saie 2009' in the framework of the SAIE International Building Exhibition taking place in Bologna (Italy) from October 28 to October 31, 2009.

The contest is open to Young architects (under 45) and to Students in architecture.
Deadline for receipt of entries is 31 July 2009.


International Green Roof Congress 2009
(25 – 27/05/2009) - Nuertingen (DE)
Architect @ Work
(7 - 8/05/2009) - Kortrijk (BE) & (4-5/06/2009) - Liège (BE)
(30/04 – 10/05/2009) - Paris (FR)
(27 – 30/05/2009) - Madrid (ES)
Shape our country
(> 3/05/2009) - Rotterdam (NL)
(26 - 28/05/2009) - Vienna (AT)
Close Up 1: Big
(> 31/05/2009) - Copenhagen (DK)
Le Corbusier. The Art of Architecture
(> 24/05/2009) - London (UK)
Peter Zumthor Conference
(12/05/2009 - 8pm) - Zurich (CH)
(17 – 19/05/2009) - Talinn (EE)
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World Sustainability Centre
Deadline : 01/05/2009
Europan 10
Deadline : 29/05/2009
Aluminium in Renovation Award 2009
Deadline : 01/06/2009
Touch of Glass: Interior Design Contest
Deadline : 29/06/2009
The Biennial International Prize for Architecture “Barbara Cappochin”
Deadline : 30/06/2009
The Earth Awards
Deadline : 9/12/2009
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1. Spacecraft 2
More Fleeting Architecture and Hideouts
R. Klanten, L. Feireiss

280 pages | 49.90 €
Editions Gestalten
ISBN 978-3-89955-233-1

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2. 100 logements collectifs du XX siècle
Hilary French
240 pages | 45.00 €
Editions Le Moniteur

ISBN 978- 2281194241
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3. L.A. Modern
Tim Street-Porter (photographies) & Nicolai Ouroussoff (introduction)


ISBN 978-0-8478-3067-1
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