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On the move

With a legislative reform on energy efficiency and the emergence of BREEAM and LEED certified buildings, Russia has shown its clear ambition for « green » architecture. International events, such as the MIPIM, have played a significant role to convince the Russian real estate actors of the potential added value of environmental certification. Moscowis changing. « A town is a way of living. It is necessary to transform Moscow into a city with the full acceptance of the word, underlined Sergueï Kouznetsov, the city’s chief architect, whilst however finding regrettable all the huge buildings one continues to erect in Moscow. We contemplate creating in the New Moscow a second city centre, not a suburb. An ‘intelligent’ town is a town pleasant to live in, guaranteeing a comfortable life, where people can live and work surrounded by green spaces ». One organizes the public spaces. Ambitious programs are launched with the creation of new pedestrian areas and the landscape arrangement of many streets and gardens.
During the Moscow Architecture Biennial ARCHMOSKVA 2013, numerous audacious architecture, design and urban layout projects have shown the young architects’ liberty to express their ideas. « The urban environment’s transformation is a world trend that Russia can’t ignore, believes Elena Gonzales, architecture expert* » The residential constructions offer from now on refined interiors and furniture as elegant as in the Milanese houses. One is very far from the small and austere flats built during the Stalinist era. At the other end of the world, Australia shelters real residential architecture jewels: single-family houses, which get their full sense from their happy integration in the nature. Nothing to do with the Victorian constructions with finely crafted terraces and colonial legacy, fashionable in the sixties.

* « Green Moscow » exhibition commissioner.

The Archi-Europe team

Portrait of the month
Peter Stutchbury
1) Peter Stutchbury

Land house
2) Land House

Light house
3) Light House

invisible house
4) Invisible House

Depot Beach House
5) Depot Beach House

Cliff Face
6) Cliff Face

Wall House
7) Wall House

Beach House
8)Beach House

silver house
9) Silver House

Peter Stutchbury

One of the most acclaimed architects in Australia, Peter Stutchbury designed environmentally responsible buildings with expressive and intelligent approach.

In 1972, Peter Stutchbury (Sydney 1954) went to study architecture at the Newcastle University. Time spent living in the desert country during his formative years, allowed him to develop an appreciation of the logic behind Australian landscape and the sensitive nature of its sustainability. Than he carries a deep knowledge and understanding of his country, its climate, landscape and culture. Graduated as an architect in 1978 at the University of Newcastle Peter Stutchbury, the principal of the firm Peter Stutchbury Architecture, has practiced since 1981, producing a wide variety of works acclaimed internationally and wining numerous awards.
It is the residential architecture with the Israël House in 1990 – an elegantly simple three-room structure with a curved corrugated iron roof on Paradise Beach – that made him known. Built 20 years later, not far away, the Cliff House, designed with the architect Fergus Scott, is equipped with innovative sun-protecting copper screens. The two houses share the same architect’s obsession on details and his unbelievable capacity to settle the buildings in the landscape. Later, all his houses will be perfectly integrated in the sites (beachfronts, exposed cliffs or suburban areas).

Famous for his architecture lectures, he is not scared of breaking boundaries. He denounces the standard constructions unsuitable for the climate and the Australians’ needs. Taking account of the microclimate, the orientation, the view and the materials, his approach seeks to integrate the best practice of sustainable architecture, including the passive solar design, the rainwater storage and the transversal ventilation without air conditioning. And shows an optimal use of geothermal energy and even of a cliff (Cliff Face House) supplying the geothermal mass.
Peter Stutchbury also attracted international attention through publication among others with his extreme climate housing in Cherepovets in Russia (2008 Living Steel Award), his Wall House for Issey Miyake in Japan and some experimental houses, seen as the culmination of a search for ultimate ecological sustainability in architecture.

His commitment to share his knowledge seems to be the cornerstone of an architectural approach based on his conceptual thoughts rigour and numerous technical innovations.
Teaching represents for him a significant contribution to the discipline of architecture and its future. « Contemporary architecture is losing sense of origin and is gradually becoming universally similar. Modes of communication are providing immediate access to style. Architects are being seduced by form. » His monography “Under The Edge: The Architecture of Peter Stutchbury “ published in 2011 may be a counter-proposal to the mainstream architecture of the developed world. It is probably for this reason that Australian architecture now attracts international interest. In line with the grand « masters », particularly Glen Murcutt and Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury offers us an architecture with « the color of earth, the texture of sky and the feeling of air *».

* Alain de Botton « Architecture of Happiness » Hamish Hamilton 2006

1) Peter Stutchbury

2) Land House, Mosman - 2013
The house is integrated in the site. Its structure is clear, simple and precise. The materials have been carefully selected (wood, steel and concrete with astonishing results) providing a balance of light and shade remaining loyal to sustainable architecture principles.

3) Light House, Dover Heights - 2013
Erected on the edge of a cliff, the house with expressive form is able to bear with the elements alternating in a playful way open and closed volumes, exposed and sheltered, whilst always anchored in the site.

4) Invisible House, Blue Mountains, New South Wales - 2012
Taking account of the landscape’s extreme conditions, the house combining concrete, steel, glass and water looks like a rural warehouse, whilst exploring new ideas. The architect has sent more than 100 m of pipe into the earth below to modify the internal temperature.

5) Depot Beach House, Depot Beach, NSW - 2008
Like a traditional Australian beach shack, the house maximizes the outside activities thanks to the retracting roof. Worth noting: passive solar conception with a thermal mass for the storage of heat in winter and its evacuation in summer.

6) Cliff Face House, Palm Beach, New South Wales- 2011
With Fergus Scott Architects

Breaking with convention, the house embraces the challenge of the site that drops steeply, as a creative opportunity. Robust and economical, based upon a series of platforms anchored into the sandstone cliff, it harnesses its texture. Providing a passive climate control a double roof acts as a shading canopy, whilst perforated panels protect the façade. The cliff is harnessed as a source of passive summer coolness.

7) Wall House, Shizuoka, Japon - 2009
With Keiji Ashizawa Design.

Designed for the famous fashion designer Issey Miyake, this long low house creates an enclave of tranquillity in the city. Simple, it respects the Japanese value of material purity. The roof is an elaborate diagonal ridge providing shelter and connection.

8) Beach House, Newport, New South Wales– 2006.
With a roof providing a canopy layer and a rainwater pond, the house enjoys a wonderful view and resonates with the timelessness of the surrounding land and ocean.

9) Silver House, Cherepovets Russia - 2008
With an innovative internal thermal wall panel, the 165 sqm energy efficient prototype building is erected where temperatures can climb to 34° Celsius in summer and dive as low as -49 Celsius in winter. It offers an excellent showcase of Australian know-how in sustainable design in an extreme foreign climate.

Photos ©Michael Nicholson

Project of the month

Gorki House

Gorki House Gorki House

Penthouse Arch. DOM-A

Gorki House
Arch. Atrium, Moscow

This single-family residence situated not far from Moscow is one of the emblematic projects of the Russian architecture studio Atrium. Surrounded by pines, the house has a beautiful three-side view. The decision to close the uninteresting north side brought the idea of a folded plan creating permeability between inside and outside spaces. So the wood covering the façade is also placed inside. Some windows particularly in the bathroom are made like cross-sections of the folded plan. The architects have especially worked on the plan’s thickness to make it look elegant and functional, like the around five meter long roof beam above the terraces. The folding theme can also be found in the installation of the annexes (car-ports, Russian baths), which look like the main building.
The last building is partly hidden in the landscape, so that the roof becomes an observation platform, and even a skating rink in winter. This project is included in the Atrium’s approach, this practice being the laureate of many architectural prizes in Russia. Vera Butko and Anton Nadtochiy are used to avoid stereotypes and give great attention to details. « We believe that architecture is an abstract art of form and space, they like to assert. We don’t want to talk about literary meanings nor artistic gestures »

2. Penthouse
Arch. DOM-A, Moscow

Graduated from the Moscow Architecture Institute, Sergey Makushev is one of the first specialists in Moscow of computer-aided design. He was the architect who created in Russia the first interior virtual project. Sergei Makushev works together with Maria Serebrianaya in a creative duo since their student time for more than 20 years. Maria and Sergey both share same vision and style, while she conducts more of design and decoration, creating interior and furniture collection of her own, and he holds the exquisite expertise in engineering, technologies and construction. This business and creative co-operation resulted in their founding DOM-A architecture studio that produced more than two hundred projects in renovating and designing apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, etc. All these realizations involve a refined finishing and a high technological input. For this four person triplex apartment, it was decided to make a contemporary, elegant, functional and comfortable interior, with an emphasis on ecological design.
Living rooms are designed with soothing colours. The most unusual one on the last level recalls a Swiss chalet, situated twenty or thirty meters higher, not on the mountain but above the city. The architect has really created a living concept with a fireplace, a swimming pool, a sauna and a terrace all this in natural materials. The combination of stone and wood gives the feeling of a countryside house. Only the outstanding view on Moscow reminds that this chalet is located thirty meters above ground level, on top of a flat complex.

Products of the month

Carrières du Hainaut




Carrières du Hainaut® innovates…
The authenticity of the stone for each style

Carrières du Hainaut® anticipates market trends and developments and is now complementing its range with a new tile and 2 exclusive new finishes: a light finish for outdoors and a dark finish for interiors.
Discover our new products today!

The EnoPasso® tile by Carrières du Hainaut® is a dark grey to satin black tile that seems to have acquired the patina of ages and thus forms a beautiful solution for interiors that require characterful and authentic features. It is an aged tile with sawn edges that really comes into its own in architect designed contemporary interiors.

With EnoSkin™, Carrières du Hainaut® presents a lightly grained finish with a soft, structured surface and a lovely homogenous light grey aspect. With its non-slip surface, this finish is particularly suitable for floorings in busy passageways and in wet areas such as halls, stairs, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools… With its non-porosity and high resistance against freezing and other external aggressions, it is perfect for external use for floors and walls such as facades, basements, terraces etc.

Carrières du Hainaut® presents EnoTouch®, the new deep grey-blue finish that beautifully highlights the unique features of authentic bluestone. Its smooth, soft surface gives this stone a satin look that makes it particularly suited to interior applications, such as work surfaces, dining tables and other decorative elements.

Events in the spotlight
Cityscape Egypt


Cityscape Egypt 9 - 12 April 2014

Cairo International Convention Centre

Cityscape Egypt is the country’s leading international property exhibition. Showcasing the widest range of developments available under one roof, it caters to the needs of everyone from the developer, institutional investor and service provider to the general or first-time home buyer. With more than 100,000 properties on offer over 4 days; a visit to Cityscape Egypt will help you to gauge how the market is changing and how this will affect property investment returns over the next 12 months.

For those looking for networking opportunities, Egypt Real Estate Summit is the business-to-business conference hosted just prior to the exhibition. The Summit explores how political changes and new trends will affect your ability to sign deals and helps you to identify lucrative opportunities in key sectors of the Egyptian real estate market. It is an unmatched arena for connecting business professionals with the right people and for unearthing sustainable investment opportunities that are surfacing.

For more information visit:

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Cityscape Jeddah

Cityscape Jeddah

Cityscape Jeddah 4 - 6 May 2014
Cairo International Convention Centre

Cityscape Jeddah 2014, the Jeddah Urban Development and Real Estate Investment Event, will give you the best view into the region’s largest real estate market, as well as providing you with an unrivalled opportunity to network with the largest gathering of real estate stakeholders in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Taking place on 4-6 May 2014 at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events, Cityscape Jeddah will include a number of features; the largest Real Estate Exhibition in Saudi Arabia; the Jeddah Real Estate Summit, involving discussions on strategies for real estate growth and investment in Jeddah; the Cityscape Awards for Real Estate in Saudi Arabia, celebrating those companies that have excelled in the Saudi Real Estate sector; and the Mortgage Clinic, providing financial advice for aspiring home owners and investors.

Cityscape Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s most established show with an expected attendance of more than 8,000 visitors and over 70 exhibitors. Complete event

For more information visit:

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MosBuild 2014 - 1-4 and 15-18 April 2014

MosBuild is the largest annual construction exhibition in Europe with 'UFI Approved Event' status and one of the five largest in the world.

In 2013, MosBuild brought together 2309 exhibitors from 43 countries and 174 249 visits in area of 150 000 m2.

In April 2014, the exhibition will be staged for the 20th time.
MosBuild 2014 will comprise three major sectors:
* The Building & Interiors sector
* The Fenestration sector
* The Cersanex sector

For more information visit
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feicon batimat



Project Lebanon 3 - 6 June 2014

Your gateway to Lebanon’s unstoppable construction market

Almost two decades ago, Project Lebanon launched its first exhibition, becoming the second addition to the region’s fastest growing construction show brand. Its success led to the initiation of three more shows under the same trademark across the Middle East.
Running in Baghdad, Beirut, Doha, Erbil and Riyadh, Project Lebanon and its counterparts have become an undisputed commercial platform. It serves as a gateway to the region’s lucrative construction markets by providing effective solutions and profitable partnerships to industry leaders and experts, who are participating from all over the globe in search of new prospects and technologies for growth.

In 2013, Project Lebanon welcomed 20,641 professional visitors, 712 participating companies from 25 countries and 12 international pavilions across 25,000 square meters of exhibition space.
In 2014, the show will be even more groundbreaking as it provides a unique platform to view the latest equipment and services from the international construction, energy and environmental industries, develop international relationships by networking with decision makers, and generate new business opportunities.

Organized by IFP Lebanon (International Fairs & Promotions), Project Lebanon 2014, the 19th International Construction Trade Exhibition for Lebanon & the Middle East, will be taking place from 3 to 6 June at BIEL, Beirut.

You can register online on:

Magazine in the spotlight

DETAIL is one of the world’s most influential architectural publications.

Each issue of DETAIL is devoted to a specific constructional theme and provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject in the various sections of the journal. The main section is the "Documentation", containing an analysis of selected projects, in which buildings from around the world are covered in depth. In addition to the aesthetic quality of the architecture, constructional details play a central role. All plan drawings are redrawn in-house true to scale and in consultation with the architects, planners and engineers responsible for the original design. This affords readers ready access to the projects and a swift means of comparison at a uniformly high level. DETAIL is published in a bilingual edition (German/English) ten times a year and in a fully English edition six times a year.

Two of the ten yearly issues of the German/English edition and one of the six yearly issues of DETAIL English edition are Concept issues. DETAIL Concept concentrates on certain main projects and describes the entire development process- from the most important aspects of the planning to the realization of the buildings; from the organization of the architects’ office to the formulation of concepts; from the collaboration with specialist planners to the construction work on site. Twice a year DETAIL Green reports on all aspects of sustainable planning and construction. The Green issues are also included in the DETAIL subscription programs.

For more information visit: Detail

Competitions in the spotlight


We are happy to announce you that Piscine Global and Archi-Europe launch the second edition of the international award for Pool & Spa architecture: Pool Vision.

private pools
public/hotel pools

For this edition we are inviting also participants from Asia to participate actively as there will be a separate awarding ceremony for Asian projects on the Splash edition taking place in Singapore in May 2015.

Principle and aim:
Pool Vision 2014 will select and award prizes to outstanding swimming pool projects from around the world, judging them from the technical and aesthetic standpoints, water treatment, coverings, accessories, spas, etc...

Registration deadline Pool Vision Asia & Pool Vision global: 31/07/2014

More about Pool Vision 2014:
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Archi-World® Academy 2013-2015

After the extraordinary success of the first edition 2011/1013 (Archi-World® Academy registered 1287 entries coming from all parts of the world!) and the magnificent awarding ceremony in Munich on 16 January 2013 with top architects, Archi-World Academy Awards 2 is now on track!

This second edition of the Archi-World® Academy Awards will again involve students in architecture and architecture schools from all over the world that will have the opportunity to upload their project in a new topic: Architecture for tomorrow! It will give to 12 winning students the chance to win a prestigious traineeship in top architecture practices!

Archi-World® Academy is proud to announce you the new jury members of this second edition: Roger Duffy (United States) - Philippe Samyn (Belgium) - Ibrahim Jaidah (Qatar) - Yves Besançon (Chile) - Thomas Herzog (Germany) - Mario Cucinella (Italy) - Andrey Asadov (Russia) - Paul de Ruiter (Netherlands) - Madhav Raman (India) - Fernando Romero (Mexico) - Peter Stutchbury (Austria) - Juan Manuel Herranz (Spain)

Registration deadline: 30 September 2014.

Click here to register!
Click here for more information about this competition
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First InnoMatnet competition on the use of Sustainable Materials in building industry

The competition is open to practitioners, (architects, engineers, material designers) based in Europe.


Using Innovative Materials
Rediscovering Traditional Materials
Working with Recycled Materials

Deadline: 31 May 2014

Click here for more information about this competition:

DAM Prize for architecture in Germany
(> 11/05/2014) – Francfort/Main (DE)
Junya Ishigami
(11/12/2013 – 27/04/2014) – Bordeaux (FR)
Think Global, Build Social! Architectures for a Better World
(15/03 – 30/06/2014) – Vienna (AT)
Behind the Green Door
(> 25/05/2014) – Copenhagen(DK)
Decades of Finnish Architecture 1900–1970
(27/03/2010 – 31/12/2020)(FI)
Françoise Schein. Artiste des droits humains
(21/02 – 4/05/2014) - Brussels (B)
>> read more
Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award
Deadline: 18/04/2014
Bath House

Deadline: 02/05/2014

>> read more

mies maison de lumiere future living
Detlef Mertins

560 pages
€ 125.00
ISBN 9780714839622

>> read more
Maisons de Lumière
Boris Vervoordt & Michael Gardner Editions Flammarion

256 pages
€ 55.00
ISBN 9782081308503
>>read more
Future Living - Collective housing in Japan
Claudia Hildner

288 pages
40.00 €
ISBN 9783038216681
>> read more

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