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Our so sensitive economical period places the architect at the crossroad of the changing factors. What can the freshly graduated architect do? Throw himself headlong into the profession of architect? Take time to reformulate his mind to favour neighbourhood economy? Explore the emerging lifestyles paying attention to frugality? Take distance from formal patterns and rigid typologies? It is true that today the very young architects have more than ever the right to image. That’s all very well. From idea competitions to international exhibitions, there are multiple initiatives to help them to get a start. These events underline many diverse, inventive, sometimes committed and often enthusiast projects, each one resulting from an approach linking pragmatism to utopia.
During the studies, the professors try to transmit knowledge, theories and favour their integration into practice. From now on, for all, the conceptual and the functional must work together. Furthermore it’s about how to seize the complexity to put it in order, give it a meaning and make it sensitive. The act of building is a vital impetus and an act of responsibility. 25 years ago when the almost 80 year old, American architect Luis Barragán received the Pritzker Prize he underlined the sole and unique objective of his life. «We have worked, he stated, and continue to work, motivated by our faith, by the aesthetic truth of this ideology and choosing the beauty paths with the hope to restore the dignity of human life.»

The Archi-Europe team

Portrait of the month

1. ONZ Architects

2. Birds Nest

3. Eco Park - Ankara

4. Eco Park
- Ankara

5. Gallipoli
Peninsula site

6. Gallipoli
Peninsula site

7. Kastamonu campus

8. Kastamonu campus

9. Tearing-the-ground - Istanbul Mosern 2013

ONZ Architects

The Green Dot Awards in New York and the Moscow Architecture & design Awards have highlighted this very promising young Turkish office, based in Ankara. To be discovered…

Created in 2007, ONZ Architects may be considered as one of the most innovative and exciting architecture offices presently in Turkey. Its founder, Onat Öktem (1982) graduated from the Middle East Technical University-Faculty of Architecture, in Ankara, before pursuing his masters at the Delft University Architecture Faculty, in the Netherlands. He stays then in the Netherlands where he joins the Dutch office 24H Architecture in Rotterdam, very much involved in the nature thematic. Zeynep Öktem (1983), also graduated in architecture from the METU, finishes in 2009, in the same Faculty, her thesis on the concept of a school for autistic children. Together, they participate to many competitions during their training period and at the beginning of their professional life. ONZ is noticed and receives many national and international awards.
This multidisciplinary office, able to enter into the architecture’s complex conditions, creates ambitious projects on different scales up to town planning. More than the realization of these projects, in order to largely share and promote the architectural discipline, ONZ organizes exhibitions and workshops under the name of «Creative Initiative».

«Birds Nest» is one of their most unique projects. Catching the solar energy, this « bird’s nest » concept is attached to the existing building, to offer extra space. It is a small structure, modular to ensure flexibility, with a sloped roof designed to harvest rainwater and prevent harmful runoff in urban environment. To reduce the environmental impact, rooftop photovoltaic panels are optimized for maximum solar energy absorption, whilst passive design interventions limit the need for mechanical heating and cooling. A skylight, for example, permits diffused light to penetrate inside and interacts with cut outs on either end. The rainwater is collected and purified to irrigate a small roof garden, which improves air quality and creates green aesthetics in an urban environment.

In 2014, with the « Eco-Park » project, ONZ receives top honours with the Holcim Gold Award for Africa/Middle East, an award which recognizes the most innovative and advanced sustainable construction designs. This research and technology centre wishes to promote small and medium-sized enterprises in Ankara’s industrial zone. Offices and workshops are embedded in the terraced landscape. The project incorporates sustainable features including natural lighting, geothermal heat pumps, green roofs, passive ventilation and water efficiency irrigation systems. For Onat Öktem, it is the balance between nature and the human beings.

Aiming to consolidate the Gallipoli Peninsula sites (extreme west of Turkey) to a more coherent whole, the Turkish government launched a competition to redesign the area. As it was the site of one of the First World War’s major battles (which is considered as one of the most significant moments that contributed to the formation of modern Turkey), ONZ’s principal objective was to liberate emotions and memories. For this reason, the architects will create between the memorial sites a walkable network of paths slightly sunken in the ground, bringing visitors closer to the earth and creating a stronger connection with the landscape. The removed earth forms a ridge at the edge of the paths.
Furthermore, the Dutch office Mark Koehler Architects and ONZ Architects have recently won an invited competition for their design of the Kastamonu Campus in Turkey, 29 000sqm of educational spaces expected to welcome 10000 students. Their winning proposal described as an « asymmetrical star », favouring the buildings’ open configuration towards the natural environment, underlines the importance of the relation between nature and architecture. This star shape permits a gentle transition between the nature and the educational, recreational and residential surroundings. The architects based this project on sustainable development in terms of technical solutions (geothermal systems, natural ventilation, bioclimatic effect, etc.) and materials (local marble and pine abundant in the region).

Very much aware of the plastic waste and pollution - the Marmara Sea is getting more and more polluted every day – ONZ was one of the five finalists of the Istanbul Modern YAP 2013. Onat Öktem’s strategy to increase the awareness was to create an installation called « Tearing the Ground », like a flying carpet constructed with reused plastic, made of marine litter. The project team lifts up this carpet and puts it in the air with everything it conceals. Thus the plastic waste produced by the city becomes the main material for the installation. This project is seen as a warning signal for consumers’ behaviours. Although this project didn’t receive the first prize, the message is clear. The project is in a constant interaction with the nature, the sea and also in indirect relation with the people of the city, by exposing them what they consume. The strength of ONZ Architects is probably in this permanent exchange between nature and urban life?

1. ONZ partners: Onat Öktem & Zeynep Öktem Image Courtesy of ONZ Architects
2. Birds Nest Image Courtesy of ONZ Architects
3. Eco Park, Ankara Image Courtesy of ONZ Architects
4. Eco Park, Ankara Image Courtesy of ONZ Architects
5. Gallipoli Peninsula site Image Courtesy of ONZ Architects
6. Gallipoli Peninsula site Image Courtesy of ONZ Architects
7. Kastamonu campus Image Courtesy of Marc Koehler / ONZ Architects
8. Kastamonu campus Image Courtesy of Marc Koehler / ONZ Architects
9. Tearing the Ground, Istanbul Mosern 2013 Image Courtesy of ONZ Architects

Project of the month

1. Bartolomé Gómez Cordero, Spain

2. Carolina Travaglio, Caracas, Venezuela

3. Viktoriia Kuripka, Ukraine

4. Cataldo Ancona, Italy

5. Joyce Stijnen, Belgium

6. Kutay Biberoğlu, Turkey

7. Christian Salandanan, Philippines

8. Ksenia Kirpikova, Russia

9. Osman Sümer, Turkey

10. Boyana Stoeva, Russia

11. Wallison Caetano, Brazil

12. Ivan Matveev, Russia

Archi-World® Academy Awards 2013 - 2015

The second edition of the Archi-World® Academy awards has rewarded excellence and encouraged young talents by enabling twelve students to undertake an exceptional training course in an important internationally renowned architecture office.

To work as a trainee in a big experienced architecture office, known for the quality of its realizations and services, is a famous springboard for the future. This is the opportunity, which was given, on January 21st last, to the twelve laureates during the ceremony organized at the BAU Fair in Munich.
More than 1400 architecture students, coming from all parts of the world, have participated during 2013 and 2014 to this unusual competition.
The objective being to detect future architecture talents, the competition organized by Jacques Allard in close cooperation with Dr Reinhard Pfeiffer, CEO of BAU München International could be completed successfully thanks to the support of the Jury’s president Juhani Pallasmaa and also the enthusiast adhesion of the jury members, all renowned architects who have examined with great attention all the projects submitted: Mario Cucinella (Italy), Paul de Ruiter (The Netherlands), Thomas Herzog (Germany), Philippe Samyn (Belgium), Juan Manuel Herranz (Spain), Madhav Raman (India), Ibrahim Jaidah (Qatar), Yves Besançon Prats (Chile), Roger Duffy (USA), Fernando Romero (Mexico), Peter Stutchbury (Australia), and Andrey Asadov (Russia).
«It is marvellously eclectic as we expected it would be, underlines Philippe Samyn, one of the jury members, who especially made the trip to Munich! The projects cover the extremes, from buildings with formal expressions to more altruistic concepts in favour of the underprivileged people, in the line my own office is following since more than 20 years.»
Questioned by the architect Ronald Kern, the jury members present at the round table spoke to the winners and to the important number of participants to the event. They recalled their first years of activity, very different for each one, and on the basis of these first experiences how their career progressed, through different flagship projects.
Now it is time for these twelve students or freshly graduated architects to show their ability to develop their ideas and values and … try to realize big architectural projects. All should remember the example of the Russian Diana Vatinyan, who was rewarded at the Archi-World Academy Awards 2011/2013 by Daniel Libeskind and who worked as a trainee in this prestigious office before becoming a full-time colleague.

1. Bartolomé Gómez Cordero, Spain
Training course laureate at SOM, USA

Project: A shadow in Fez «Central Library of the Maghreb», Fez, Morocco

This project tries to propose a solution to the historical town of Fez, by interpreting carefully with a contemporary approach all the elements of the Arab tradition, whilst changing the original typography. It is composed of series of interior platforms with a « cloud » roof, a continuous outside element.

2. Carolina Travaglio, Caracas, Venezuela
Training course laureate at Paul de Ruiter Architects, The Netherlands

Project: Cultural Bridge for the City «El Ávila National Park», Caracas, Venezuela

Utopian and at the same time very detailed, the cultural centre project results from the handling of glazed volumes, each containing a full volume hooked and linked to a bridge- shaped platform by a central patio. A particular attention was given to the structure’s resolution and to the materials selection.

3. Viktoriia Kuripka, Ukraine
Training course laureate at Virai Arquitectos, Spain

Project: «Co-housing as the zone of influence on a depressive territory»

Situated in a now abandoned old industrial zone, this group of dwellings redefines the social housing and its lifestyle. The project’s objective is to find scientifically proven renovation methods with a new living typology and an approach taking account of the needs of the people living in the region.

4. Cataldo Ancona, Italy
Training course laureate at Thomas Herzog Architekten, Germany

Project: «Student residences», Lyon, France

This proposal relates to a student residence in the town of Lyon, built on a pedestrian axis linking the various structures. Two more important five story buildings are also connected by a sloping « Red Pipe ». At the centre of the project, apartments are created with modules of two or three units.

5. Joyce Stijnen, Belgium
Training course laureate at Samyn and Partners, Belgium

Project: From archetype to prototype: The Philippine bahay kubo concept revisited

Coming from a detailed study on housing special features and disasters caused by typhoons in the Philippines, this prototype underlines the fact that it is essential to understand the culture, the lifestyle and construction habits to create adapted and useful projects. The community building inspired by vernacular huts can resist to storms, assemble the population and serve as emergency centre.

6. Kutay Biberoğlu, Turkey
Training course laureate at FR-EE, Mexico

Project: Necroturris

Resulting from the problems due to the population increase and consequently the cemetery’s expansion in the towns, this project redefines in 3D the position of the graves, meaning they would be integrated in the big vertical buildings, and combined at the same time with the defunct memory as well as commercial and leisure activities.

7. Christian Salandanan, Philippines
Training course laureate at Anagram Architects, India

Project: Casa Kawayan - Bamboo Research and Development Complex

Drawn according to the winds and special regional weather elements, this complex wants to maximize the potential of bamboo, material which is produced locally. This is not only for the finishing work and the furniture, but also for the building itself. The building is inspired with style by the local traditions.

8. Ksenia Kirpikova, Russia
Training course laureate at Arab Engineering Bureau, Qatar

Project: Recreational center "Island Baran"

The general idea is to merge the natural forms with the architecture in a unique landscape structure by transforming the Baran Island into a leisure complex. With mirror glass façades, the building blends into the hill and the roofs structure creates a landscape uniform surface covered with grass.

9. Osman Sümer, Turkey
Training course laureate at Alemparte Barreda Wedeles Besancon Arquitectos y Asociados, Chile

Project: Living Bridge

In order to recreate the link between different sites divided by a highway, the bridge is capable of reacting to its environment and to some events. The structure supports the pedestrian path formed by two parts to enable the users either to profit from the view, or to really walk along. Units with polygons increase the tension potential.

10. Boyana Stoeva, Russia
Training course laureate at Peter Stutchbury’s office, Australia

Project: «Spiritus Urbana»

Photosynthesis and the functioning of plants life inspire this project. With a form deriving from the trees structure, the building is inspired by their protein distribution system. The CO2 absorbed by the façade is channelled through the funnel to a diffusion chamber to be divided in carbon monoxide and oxygen, which will be used to feed fresh air to the building.

11. Wallison Caetano, Brazil
Training course laureate at Mario Cucinella Architects, Italy

Project: «Vertical Farm of Paulista Avenue»

Alternative to mineral and soulless constructions, this green tower wants to change the vision of the megalopolis’ heart. The mixed use building integrates the vertical farm techniques to grow fruits and vegetables. Initially conceived for a specific site, it can be reproduced in important urban centers to reduce the distance between the field and the town.

12. Ivan Matveev, Russia
Training course lauréate at Asadov Architectural Studio, Russia

Project: «Performing arts center Taganskaya square»

Integrating itself gently in a network of existing historical buildings, the project is based on the principle of maximal transparency. The group of buildings with a dominant sculptural style is composed of closed volumes and a surrounding common exterior space. A concrete constructive heart supporting a glazed roof forms these volumes and the vertical accesses.

Archi-World® Academy 3 is now a reality! Cathrin Krumrey (SBA Architects in Stuttgart) and Sergey Romanov (Studio No 1 GUP MNIIP "Mosprojekt 4" in Moscow) have officially announced the list of the jury members who have accepted to participate to the third edition of Archi-World Academy Awards 2015-2017.

Rudy Ricciotti / Agence Rudy Ricciotti, France
Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au, Austria
Shelley McNamara / Grafton Architects, Ireland
Mauro Poponcini / Poponcini & Lootens, Belgium
Francesco Isidori / Labics, Italy
Guz Wilkinson / Guz Architects, Singapore
Cathrin Krumrey / SBA Architects, Germany
James Wei Ke / CHIASMUS, China
Ekin Ç. Turhan / Ercan Coban Architects, Turkey
Marcio Kogan / Studio mk27, Brazil
Sergey Romanov / No 1 GUP MNIIP "Mosprojekt – 4", Russia
Teemu Kurkela / JKMM Architects, Finland

Product of the month

TIMELESS® lasting transparency easier maintenance

TIMELESS® is obtained by magnetron deposition of a transparent coating of metal oxides made ultra resistant thanks to a controlled industrial process.

The side of the glass treated with TIMELESS® must be inside the shower. TIMELESS® is installed in the same way as ordinary shower glass of equivalent thickness.

TIMELESS® glass is designed for use in showers:
shower screen
shower cabinet
bath screen
wall covering


TIMELESS® glass is not tinted or reflective: it closely resembles clear glass.

High degree of transparency and neutral appearance
TIMELESS® consists of a very clear glass, SGG Planiclear, to which a virtually invisible coating is applied. Timeless® is therefore very transparent and does not alter colour perception, irrespective of the thickness of the glass.

An anti-corrosion effect for lasting transparency
Day in, day out, the glass is protected against corrosion, so that it does not become tarnished and maintains its attractive appearance.

Easier-to-clean glass
Water slides off the surface of the glass, limiting limescale deposit and stains. Any residual traces are much easier to remove than on untreated glass.

High durability treatment
TIMELESS® is obtained by magnetron deposition of a coating of metal oxides. This treatment remains effective long-term and can withstand all kinds of industrial processing (patents pending).

TIMELESS® quickly regains its original transparency
The condensation evaporates faster than on untreated glass.

TIMELESS® shower glass has an Anti-Corrosion guarantee valid for 10 years from initial delivery, under normal conditions of use and subject to compliance with the processing, handling, maintenance and usage instructions of Saint-Gobain Glass.

Conforms to standards:
EN 14428 : "Shower enclosures - Functional requirements and test methods" EN 1096 (class A): "Construction materials - Coated glass"

TIMELESS® can be cut, shaped and tempered
It can be curved with radii up to 1 meter (tests must be carried out for smaller radii).

TIMELESS® can be screen-printed on either face or lacquered on the face opposite the TIMELESS® face (the exterior face). It can be laminated, provided that the glass has been previously tempered, and that the coating is on the exterior face.

As part of its commitment to the sustainable home, TIMELESS® and all GLASSOLUTIONS products, can represent a major asset in obtaining "green building" environmental performance labels (LEED, BREEAM, HQE, DGNB, etc.), as it offers all the required functions: energy performance, comfort and well-being and minimum environmental impact.

More information about TIMELESS®, click here

Events in the spotlight

BAU Congress China enters round two

The second edition of BAU Congress China is scheduled to take place in Beijing on June 23 and 24, 2015. The main themes this time are "Smart architecture and construction for China" and "Smart building technology”. Because of the great success of the first event in 2014, the location for the BAU Congress China 2015 will again be Beijing—at the China National Convention Center (CNCC).

Applications from prospective exhibitors are now being accepted at: The first big-name firms to have signed up so far include DORMA China Ltd., Unilux, Jansen and Geberit.

All information about BAU Congress China is available online and for download here

For more information on BAU Congress China please refer to and

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ECOBUILD 3 - 5 March 2015 - Excel London

Over the past ten years Ecobuild has cemented its position as the sustainable design and construction marketplace for the new build, refurb, commercial and domestic buildings.

Join your sustainable design, construction and energy peers at Ecobuild 3rd – 5th March 2015 with 89% claiming that Ecobuild is a great show and one not to miss! It brings you a mix of suppliers that offer thousands of new and innovative products and services as well as offering a programme set to inspire, educate and solve your every day challenges.

For more information about Ecobuild:

Registration Ecobuild 2015:

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MIPIM: The world's property market 10 - 13 March Palais des Festivals, Cannes

MIPIM is the leading marketplace for investors, developers, local governments and other real estate professionals, which provides a unique opportunity for industry decision-makers to meet, develop long-term relationships and showcase their latest development projects.
Be part of the real industry’s most proven business platform to promote your business and showcase your projects to 21,000 active professionals from 93 countries, identify profitable ventures, and source capital in 4 intensive days.

- MIPIM key figures: 19400 m² of exhibition, 2200 Exhibiting Companies, 21000 Unique participants, 3000 CEOs & Chairmen, 4500 Investors, 430 Journalists, 93 Countries MIPIM 2015 Highlights:

- NEW! The Occupiers’ Workshop: This brand new format is dedicated uniquely to corporate real estate professionals. It will provide a forum for debate and discussion for international public and private occupiers.

- The Digital Revolution: The MIPIM 2015 conference programme will explore the Digital REvolution, and its challenges and opportunities for the real estate community.

- The MIF Architecture Café: This new business bar is expanded with a terrace, networking area, live daily project and concept presentations and global architect stands.

- Masterminds CEO’s: “Growth of the European listed real estate sector”. Discover if great minds really “think alike”. Speakers: Christophe Cuvillier, Luciano Gabriel, Chris Grigg and Serge Grzybowski.

- New pavilions at MIPIM: Additionally to the Paris region, Dutch cities, Italian pavilion or greater London, MIPIM welcome this year: Canadian pavilion, Philippines, Instanbul & Turkey and many others.

For more information about MIPIM:

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MosBuild 31 March – 3 April and 14 – 17 April 2015 - Expocentre, Moscow

MosBuild 21st International Building & Interiors Exhibition

• MosBuild is the largest annual international construction exhibition in Europe and Russia with 'UFI Approved Event' status.

• MosBuild is one of the top five construction exhibitions in the world.

• MosBuild is supported by government, public organisations, political and public figures from Russia and other countries, and Russian and international media.

• The exhibition will be staged for the 21th time in April 2015.

For more information about MosBuild:

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Cityscape Jeddah 5 – 7 April 2015 - Jeddah Centre for Forums and Events, Saudi Arabia

Cityscape Jeddah 2015, the Jeddah Urban Development and Real Estate Investment Event, will give you the best view into the region’s largest real estate market, as well as providing you with an unrivalled opportunity to network with the largest gathering of real estate stakeholders in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Taking place on 5-7 April 2015 at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events, Cityscape Jeddah will include a number of features; the largest Real Estate Exhibition in Saudi Arabia; the Jeddah Real Estate Workshops, involving discussions on strategies for real estate growth and investment in Jeddah; and the Cityscape Awards for Real Estate in Saudi Arabia, celebrating those companies that have excelled in the Saudi Real Estate sector.

Cityscape Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s most established show with an expected attendance of more than 9,000 visitors and over 70 exhibitors.

For more information about Cityscape Jeddah:

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Cityscape Abu Dhabi 21 - 23 April 2015 - Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

Cityscape Abu Dhabi unites local, regional and international real estate professionals under one roof. The event will also give all attendees the opportunity to meet governmental authorities, developers, consultants, architects, designers, investors and other real estate professionals.

In addition to the exhibition, Cityscape Abu Dhabi will also host a series of networking events which will provide participants with the opportunity to network face-to-face, discuss issues of joint interest and create joint venture partnerships.

For more information about Cityscape Abu Dhabi:

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Project Lebanon 2 - 5 June 2015 Biel - Beirut Lebanon

The Region’s Largest, Most Celebrated Construction Show The upcoming 20th International Trade Exhibition for Construction Materials & Equipment for Lebanon & the Middle East will be held in BIEL - Beirut.

“Project Lebanon” is part of a series of annual construction fairs organized by IFP (International Fairs & Promotions) in Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia; hosting more than five thousand enterprises, attracting over 100,000 visitors, and concluding hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business deals.

The event is a successful international platform for local and international companies to access the entire region by meeting face-to-face with top businesspeople from Lebanon and the Middle East. It contributes a lot to the economic growth in Lebanon and the region by showcasing the latest and most advanced technologies in the construction and infrastructure industry from the biggest international names.

For more information about Project Lebanon:

Competitions in the spotlight
Mada 2015

A competition for young architects

MosBuild the international building and interiors event from Russia, is proud to introduce an international award for young architects and architectural students. The competition is organized by ITE Group together with the international community of architects Archi-Europe. The jury comprises renowned international and Russian architects, prominent public figures, and representatives of various communities and associations.

The competition has two categories:

• Best architectural solution for creating an accessible environment

• Best sustainable architecture project

Registration deadline: 1st March 2015

Click here for more information about this competition

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Bruynzeel - Storage Systems: International Design Competition: Shaping The Office

What will the office of the future look like? Over the next three months, designers and architects will get the chance to answer that question by taking part in an innovative online design challenge: Bruynzeel Storage Systems has joined forces with renowned studio Jacob Jensen Design to give established professionals as well as young creatives the opportunity to reinvent smart office storage systems for a modern market. focuses on three categories: design, functionality and sustainability. Participants can present entries in different categories and the number of entries is not limited. They can also publish and share their views through the blog and forum on

The prize: Each category winner will receive a 7-day all inclusive trip to Shanghai where they will get the chance to work with Timothy Jacob Jensen to develop a final design concept from their ideas. The three winners will also be announced in press publications while the overall winning concept will be released as a signature line.

More information about Bruynzeel -
Shaping The Office

Skyward. Highrise City Frankfurt
(> 19/04/2015) - Francfort/Main Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DE)
Viollet-le-Duc, visionary archaeologist
(20/11/2014 – 9/03/2015) - Paris Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine (F)
The Immaterial Legacy. An Essay on the Collection
(> June 2015) – Barcelona Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (ES)
Paula Modersohn-Becker
(5/12/2014 – 6/04/92015) - Humlebæk Louisiana Museum (DK)
Women Fashion Power
(> 26/04/2015) - London Design Museum (GB)
>> read more

Bruynzeel storage systems: Shaping The Office
Deadline: 15/03/2015

Chicago Architecture Biennial Lakefront Kiosk Competition
Deadline: 23/03/2015

perFORM 2015 Building Design Competition
Deadline: 19/06/2015

>> read more


René Greisch
Ingénieur architecte

Pierre Henrion

Prisme Editions
€ 49.00
248 pages
ISBN 978-2-930451-16-9

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School Buildings
Natascha Meuser

DOM publishers
€ 88.00
392 pages
ISBN 978-3-86922-037-6

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Imagine 08. Concretable
Ulrich Knaack, Tillman Klein, Marcel Bilow

NAI 010 Publishers
€ 24.50
128 pages
ISBN 978-94-6208-221-2
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