E-Board insulation system
Going lightweight with brick and timber frame construction

The big advantages of timber frame construction (TFC) are fast, prefabricated and a lightweight when it comes to construction works. Those advantages also apply to the E-Board insulation system. The system is completed with brick slips that make it look like real brickwork. Just take a look at the newly completed project for the health centre Duizendblad in Amstelveen (NL).

Uniform façade appearance

The E-Board system can be mounted on any substrate. The building in Amstelveen uses both sand-lime blocks and TFC. The EPS E-Board panels are attached on the exterior side and then covered with original brick slips. The insulation system ensures a high insulation value as well as a regular appearance of the façade.
E-Board insulation system

Project: Health centre Duizendblad, Amstelveen (NL)
Colours : 096 Brabant, headers in 533 Morvan
Brickwork bonds : Vertical and stretcher bond
Architect : Molenaar&Bol&VanDillen architecten, Vught (NL)


TFC on the roof

The third floor has been constructed specially for the technical space on the roof. This additional floor is built in a lightweight TFC. From an architectural viewpoint, it is quite simple to put the technical space on the roof as it makes more useful space available in the rest of the premises. The finishing with E-Board gives this floor exactly the same appearance as the rest of the building. Using E-Board gives TFC even more benefits. The foil that is usually needed is no longer required because the high-value EPS material is both breathable and water repellent.

E-Board insulation system E-Board insulation system

Brilliant brickwork

E-Board insulation system

The pattern of stretchers and headers can be seen in the large areas, where the headers are fired in a different colour. Another pattern is also available in relief. The brick slips are supplied in thicknesses of 20 mm and 35 mm. This enables one to create a relief wall easily without labour-intensive bricklaying work.

Further to the TFC

A high insulation value often means a high cost and reduced interior space. Additional layers of insulation are no longer needed in TFC when combined with E-Board. The contractor is able to find the ideal combination of timber frame and E-Board insulation boards, which are up to 204 mm thick for a single panel of insulation. As it happens, E-Board in the minimum thickness of 60 mm ensures that the slight tensions in the timber construction remain firmly beneath the insulation layer. All this improves the quality of the exterior façade.

Project details:

Project: Health centre Duizendblad, Amstelveen (NL)
Colours: 096 Brabant headers in 533 Morvan
Brickwork bonds: Vertical and stretcher bond
Architect: Molenaar&Bol&VanDillen architecten, Vught (NL)
Contractor: Construction contractors De Heemraad, Amstelveen (NL)
Supplier: Raab Karcher

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