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18-12 Valode & Pistre Set to Break Ground on Africa’s Tallest Tower
17-12 Romanian Entry Wins “Unbelievable Challenge” with Santa Claus Logistic Center
16-12 OMA Wins Competition for Shanghai Exhibition Center
15-12 Myanmar Yangon Hotel by Samoo
12-12 Brian Sell of Moody Nolan Architects wins Nelson Mandela Memorial competition
11-12 Images Released of 3XN’s Olympic Headquarters
10-12 SYAA Designs New Natural Science Museum Complex in Romania
09-12 Work begins in Singapore at Moshe Safdie's Jewel airport expansion
08-12 ABDM and RAU Win Competition to Design College Campus in Kortrijk
05-12 Qatar Unveils Designs for Fourth World Cup Stadium
04-12 Richard Meier Unveils 180-Meter Tower Development in Mexico
03-12 FR-EE / Fernando Romero EnterprisE announces the design of the new Latin American Art Museum
02-12 BIG Unveils Design For Battersea Power Station Square
01-12 Homefarm by SPARK
28-11 Construction is complete on the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at the University of Technology, Sydney
27-11 AZPML and KANVA reimagine Montreals Biodome in Winning Competition Design
26-11 Erick van Egeraat’s Incineration Line in Roskilde, Denmark wins first prize at the Media Architectur
25-11 U-R-A Chosen to Redesign Moscow’s Novoperedelkino Subway Station
24-11 Changing Tack - SHoP and Howard Hughes Corporation unveil revised Seaport plan for Lower Manhattan.
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Last press releases from suppliers
08/12/2014 PERLA OP 0,95 di ARMSTRONG BUILDING PRODUCTS: gran...
05/12/2014 Un nouveau dallage et 2 nouvelles finitions exclus...
(Carrières du Hainaut S.C.A.)
05/12/2014 Een nieuwe tegel en 2 nieuwe en exclusieve afwerki...
(Carrières du Hainaut S.C.A.)
05/12/2014 Chapeau voor blauwe steen!
(Carrières du Hainaut S.C.A.)
05/12/2014 Coup de chapeau
(Carrières du Hainaut S.C.A.)
04/12/2014 Armstrong Ceilings help an academy with a new hart
21/11/2014 La laine de verre avec ECOSE® TECHNOLOGY de KNAUF ...
21/11/2014 Nieuwe BMW Brussels-site: Knauf zet er vaart achte...

Passengers’ Ship Terminal N3 within the Marine Passengers’ Terminal
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Basontapur Tower
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Sports Complex Project for the Daegu-gun Region, Daegu city, South Korea
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the house, das haus, la casa
Look at the project

"Malachite" Residential Building with built-in rooms and a parking lot
Look at the project

Residential Complex " Crystals of Krestovsky "; “Lazurite” Block
Look at the project
Project of the month
The Building On the Water

The Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira signs with Carlos Castanheira his first work in China, a large curved building floating on the water.
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Portrait of the month
Waterstudio.NL, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Facing the city planning and climate changing challenges, the Dutch office Waterstudio. NL chooses to work principally towards flexible strategies and large scale floating architecture projects proposing sustainable solutions.
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Building corner
Brick slips for your interior? Vandersanden Group will inspire you
Generally, brick slips are used for renovating the façade of homes in combination with insulation panels, such as E-Board. But have you ever thought of using brick slips to decorate the interior walls?
Alesta Cool - Zwart zo koel als wit.
Gebouwen opwarmen door de zon is een kwestie van reflectie.
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Green corner
Clarion Hotel Norway. Reflecting the clouds.
For this prestigious project with a strong aesthetical and regional impact, the architect aimed for a white glass facade that was supposed to be a reflection of the clouds. The complex visual and technical engineering of the requested design was one of the main reasons why Glassolutions Sas Glas was brought in as a glass specialist.
Armstrong Ceilings : Discover an interactive path to sustainable building!
Armstrong displays its bright green building solutions through a new interactive and visually stunning knowledge port. It gives architects and interior designers all the help they need to specify a green building, all in one place.
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Design corner
INSPIRATION: illuminated LED shower screens with digital print on extra-clear glass
GLASSOLUTIONS France has received the EQUIP’INNOV award in the category Development and Renovation of the bathroom, for INSPIRATION at the EQUIP’HOTEL exhibition.
MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD: personalized, writeable lacquered glass cupboards and display boards
MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD is basically an extra-clear SGG DIAMANT glass with a thickness of 4 mm on the back of which is applied an extremely hard-wearing lacquer, then a metallic film or a metal plate according to use. This results in a magnetic lacquered glass.
Di Legno doors
A door does not have to be standard. Di Legno proves that.
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Archi-World® Academy Awards 2013 - 2015

After the extraordinary success of the first edition 2011/1013 (Archi-World Academy registered 1287 entries coming from all parts of the world!) and the magnificent awarding ceremony in Munich on 16 January 2013 with the participation of Juhani Pallasmaa, Daniel Libeskind, Christoph Ingenhoven, Mario Cucinella, Jean-Michel Jaspers and Andrey Bokov, Archi-World Academy Awards 2 is now on track!

This second edition of the Archi-World Academy Awards will again involve students in architecture and architecture schools from all over the world and will give to 12 winning students the unique opportunity to win a prestigious traineeship in top architecture practices!
Registration to ArchiWorld Academy Awards is closed. We will like to thank all participants.

Jury members 2nd edition 2013-2015

Prof. Juhani Pallasmaa

Madhav Raman

Yves Besançon

Philippe Samyn

Andrey Asadov

Mario Cucinella

Roger Duffy

Fernando Romero

Paul de Ruiter

Juan Manuel Herranz

Thomas Herzog

Ibrahim Jaidah

Peter Stutchbury

The Prizes:

12 Traineeships will be offered by the Archi-World® Academy Awards.
Each member of the jury will independently select its favorite project. The student related to that project will be invited to join the architect’s team for a traineeship period of 4 to max 6 months. The traineeship period will be agreed between the architecture practice and the student. The student will receive the same fee as the one usually granted by the local architecture practice.


All the winners will benefit from a huge visibility and will have his winning project presented on Awacademy website (www.awacademy.org) and will have a full presentation in Archi-Europe’s monthly digital newsletter Archi-News, sent to over 125.000 architects who will have the opportunity to discover your project and your skills! The concepts/projects will also be published in our Archi-News magazine.
All the winners will be invited to Munich, during the BAU construction fair, on the 21st of January 2015 for the awarding ceremony in order to: collect a diploma and present the winning project.
For more information visit: www.awacademy.org

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100% Original Design
(> 4/01/2015) - Rome MAXXI
Friends and Patrons of El Greco in Toledo
(> 1/03/2015) - Athens Benaki Museum
MAY DESIGN SERIES (17 - 19/05/2015) - London
Women Fashion Power
(> 26/04/2015) - London Design Museum
Sigmar Polke 1963 - 2010
(> 8/02/2015) - London Tate Modern
Alice Dansey-Wright - Legitimate Likenesses
(11/01/2015) - Glasgow The Lighthouse
ISH (10 - 14/03/2015) - Francfort
LIVING KITCHEN (19 - 25/01/2015 - Cologne
IMM COLOGNE (19 - 25/01/2015 - Cologne
BAU 2015 (19 - 24/01/2015) - Munich
DOMOTEX (17 - 20/01/2015) - Hannover
(14 - 17/01/2015) - Francfort/Main Home and contract textiles trade fair
Skyward. Highrise City Frankfurt
(> 19/04/2015) - Francfort/Main Deutsches Architekturmuseum
Lina Bo Bardi 100. Brazil's Alternative Path to Modernism
(> 22/02/2015) - Munich Architekturmuseum der TU
In a class of its own - schools worldwide
(> 18/01/2015) - Stuttgart IFA Gallerie
SUOMI SEVEN. Emerging Architects from Finland
(> 18/01/2015) - Francfort/Main Deutsches Architekturmuseum
Inflexión / Turning Point Der Transformationsprozess in der spanischen Architektur
(6/12/2014 - 11/01/2015) - Berlin Aedes Am Pfefferberg
good prospects new german photography 2014/2015
(23/11/2014 - 11/01/2015) - Herford Marta Herford
(23 - 27/01/2015) Paris International decoration & design fair
Studio Mumbai architectes, Mumbai between the sun & the moon
(18/12/2014 - 1/06/2015) - Bordeaux arc en rêve centre d'architecture
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