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Year 2030…
The skyscraper’s energy saving abilities are a major aspect of its characteristics.
The building will be perfectly isolated from the elements mainly using stabilized earth enveloping it and allowing that natural support to be used for growing vegetation on the building.
The building is mainly naturally ventilated using the air flow created by the exchange between hot and cool air. This system would be helped by mechanical ventilation powered by windmills placed on top of the structure where the wind’s the strongest.
A ground heat exchanger will provide a slightly pre-warmth air for the use of the building in winter and a cooled air in summer. The layer of earth used to cover the whole structure will provide a high inertia for more energy efficiency.

The water collected from rain will feed the vegetation growing and living on the building; the extra water gathered will be drained and used for sanitary use of the building. The need of electricity and hot water will also be partially provided by solar thermal collectors and windmills.
Architect Khoei-Ebrahimzadeh Aidin
Country Belgium
Region Area of Brussels
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