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February 18, 2021
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Unite &


Every interior design project should mirror the way of life of those who live or work there. What if you could unite and combine your ideas into a personalized experience? The ntgrate® family allows you to create a woven vinyl flooring of the highest quality. Our varied range of looks and styles is the result of combining ideas, offering high-quality, unique and innovative solutions. ntgrate® stands for unite and combine, that is our philosophy.




Our story about weaving


We offer new high performance flooring. At ntgrate®, design goes hand in hand with a high-tech production process. State-of-the-art weaving machinery and the best jacquard machines produce high-quality floor tiles and planks. ntgrate®’s woven vinyl flooring meets the strong aesthetic and technical aspects of commercial flooring.

Our weaving machinery makes it possible to steer every warp thread separately. This allows the designers to create new structures and patterns. The machinery is based on a winning combination of mechanical movements and electronic controls, opening new doors in the field of weaving.






‘the natural eco layer’ = Preserving the environment  

A natural and sustainable design product

10% of the total weight of Greenfelt is made of recycled materials

Main raw materials: natural materials like sand and salt

Free of phthalates

The weight of ntgrate = 33% less than conventional woven vinyl products
-> better for placement (back) + positive impact on CO2 emissions during transport

the natural backing of silence

Increased acoustic comfort due to an extra layer of felt

A perfect acoustic alternative to pile carpet,

Exceeds even the acoustic value of hard floors


Greenfelt meets the highest standards in the field of fireproofing
EN13501-1: Bfls1


Tender specifications



A selection from our range





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