V PLUS PERFORM™ Where innovation meets sustainability and performance:

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May 1, 2020
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October 15, 2020

Where innovation meets sustainability and performance:

Where innovation meets sustainability and performance:

New generation of sandwich metal panels made with the advanced V PLUS PERFORM™ insulation technology help architects design buildings that are more energy-efficient, sustainable and fire safe.

Sustainability and safety are key elements of modern building design. Today buildings are required to be more energy-efficient, use fewer resources and minimize their impact on the environment, while also bring comfort and safety to its occupants.

Envelope insulation can play a crucial role to help architects address these challenges and design building that meet current and future international building standards.

Advanced insulation for future-ready buildings

The new V PLUS PERFORM™ technology by Dow, is an advanced insulation solution developed in collaboration with panel manufacturers, architects and green building experts. Its unique performance properties help architects design more performing and sustainable buildings that meet environmental, fire safety and near-zero energy standards.

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