LABIOMISTA by Koen Vanmechelen

Hospital AZ ZENO by B2Ai
May 31, 2021
Kajstaden – Sweden’s tallest timber building by CF Møller Architects
June 17, 2021

In 2017, Koen Vanmechelen moved his studio and foundation headquarters to a former public zoo in the Belgian city of Genk, hereby creating LABIOMISTA.

LABIOMISTA, literally ‘mix of life’, is in itself an all-encompassing art project, set up as a model for the philosophical ideas on which Vanmechelenʼs work is based. LABIOMISTA hosts Vanmechelenʼs first Open University of Diversity and related foundations. The site is also where the artist’s animals live and breed. It is both a laboratory and a library of biocultural diversity.

LABIOMISTA is situated at the intersection between city and countryside, industry and community.

According to Vanmechelen:

“This is a place that has both the physical and mental space needed for biological and cultural diversity to flourish.

Its position between the domesticated and the wild helps bring new fertility to the neighbourhood, which in turn will spread to other parts of the city.

LABIOMISTA will show how various cultures can come into contact, and how humans, flora and fauna can co-exist in enriching ways that have perhaps been forgotten. My work at LABIOMISTA navigates between and across disciplines, positioning diversity as the foundation for sustainable living and offering up an alternative to traditionally monolithic, mono-cultural approaches to development.”

The Battery (the studio of Koen Vanmechelen) and The Ark (the entrance building) were designed by the Swiss architect Mario Botta in collaboration with BURO B.

© Koen Vanmechelen 2018 | Photo by Kris Vervaeke
Artworks, installation view beneath The Battery – Studio Koen Vanmechelen, LABIOMISTA, Genk (BE)
© Koen Vanmechelen 2018 | Photo by Jacques Allard
The Battery – Studio Koen Vanmechelen, exterior view on The Looking glass (green house), LABIOMISTA, Genk (BE)
© Koen Vanmechelen 2018 | Photo by Tony van Galen
Parc pavilion (LabOvo) in the Cosmopolitan Culture Park, LABIOMISTA, Genk (BE)
© Koen Vanmechelen 2018 | Photo by Tony van Galen
Pond in the Cosmopolitan Culture Park, view on the CosmoGolem, LABIOMISTA, Genk (BE)
© Koen Vanmechelen 2018 | Photo by Kris Vervaeke
View on the Wunderkammer (Villa OpUnDi), LABIOMISTA, Genk (BE)

With support from local government as well as private stakeholders, and in collaboration with Flanders and Limburg Tourism, LABIOMISTA is being developed as a public-private partnership between Vanmechelen and the city of Genk. The 24 hectare site opened to the public on July 6th, 2019. It consists of three parts: a villa, park and studio designed by influential Swiss architect Mario Botta, in close interaction with the artist, each one representing a different identity: humans, nature, and the interplay and tension between them.

As visitors enter this world, a pair of stellar sea-eagles look down upon them from their cage above the studio, while the red jungle fowls, the source of all domesticated chicken life, continue to forage just meters away.

A new exploration between man and nature begins. It is a search for a new, more susustainable balance.

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