One Wellington, Melbourne, Australia

University of Law-Paris I,
March 25, 2020
Photo credit: Studio de Nooyer
Converted Warehouse Vlaardingen,
April 1, 2020

One Wellington

Melbourne, Australia, 2020-03-23 – 

One Wellington is a collection of 200 apartments and public amenity designed by K.P.D.O. They have been designed to honor St Kilda’s signature sense of diversity and vibrant personality.

Photo credit: Anson Smart

The display suite looks at the poetic representation of space – or spaces, rather than a literal representation (ie. an apartment mockup). K.P.D.O. explored and abstracted the studies of the modernist principals of the overarching architectural design and exploded our ideas and principles into a temporary interior space to theatrical effect.

This project tests concepts and design ideologies of the practice and afforded the experimentation of forms and finishes that would see themselves throughout the development, giving the user a taste of what to expect.

Photo credit: Anson Smart

Each piece of furniture, custom-designed carpet, joinery insertion, and mirror or stone flanked wall were detailed with the end development in mind. Once the development has been completed, these pieces will find themselves located within the energetic public corridors, lounges and meeting areas.

The development rejects the convention of a ‘light or dark scheme’ – with ‘customization’ a key offering within the development. Technology formed the backdrop of the sales suite, with floor to ceiling screens projecting views and alternate user options at a 1:1 scale, from any level and orientation within the building.

Photo credit: Anson Smart

K.P.D.O., recognizing the wasteful nature of display apartments was mindful to make selections that were suited for the longevity and durability of extended public use whilst retaining contemporary luxury residential sensibilities.

Project Details 

Project Name: One Wellington

Location: St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Floor Area: 500,00M²

Completion: 2018

Awards: Frame Awards 2020 People’s Choice

Architecture & Interior Design: K.P.D.O.

Graphic Design: Studio Ongarato

Photography: Anson Smart  


About K.P.D.O.  

K.P.D.O. believe good design is emotionally enriching. The inner-city Melbourne studio has a traditional design approach, working to create beautifully considered spaces for their clients. All projects, whether architectural or interiors, start with the plan. K.P.D.O. work hard to set a base geometry that provides the discipline behind all their projects. Materiality and texture then provide the accents, whilst always searching the balance between restraint and exuberance.  


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