Le Cube blanc

MVRDV, Rotterdam
June 8, 2017
Retail architecture
April 24, 2017

Le Cube blanc

“Le Cube blanc”
Architect: Luc Spits, Visé (Belgium)

”Each project is related to daily life and where you live must be beyond reproach,” says Luc Spits, a Belgian architect from Liège, who is open to the idea that architecture imposes itself to people and who is quite conscious of his responsibility. When he designs his own home, where he has also established his office, he is keen to combine use and beauty. Casually called the “White Cube” the building is situated in a traditional residential area. In spite of that, he chooses a contemporary style, without compromise and not at all flashy. Giving place to space and light, this simple architecture plays subtly with the variations of shadow and light during the day. “This strong project seems at first glance intimate and protected. But, once you have passed the façade, you discover a large luminous interior space totally open on the surrounding countryside, he states. The inside arrangements, sober and clean, underline the strength and the fineness of the main architectural lines.” With the intention of leaving nothing to chance, not even the smallest detail, the architect carefully selects his materials: clear bricks, white lacquered aluminium, glass and blue stone which are consistent with his minimalist approach. Following the ideas of Le Corbusier, who is his major influence, the house’s outside layout extends the strength of the architecture. A pond and different concrete elements bring you to the garden and the neighbouring countryside. The limits between inside and outside fade away with a wonderful place for family life, whilst professionally his young and dynamic team can work creatively. An architecture which “promotes for everyone a feeling of elevation and can make you feel better thanks to the simple emotions perceived”.



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