The new office building of Schwechat Refinery

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Construction of a new office building

As the winner of the realization competition ATP Vienna was commissioned to carry out the integrated design of the office complex. The new office building of Schwechat Refinery were completed after a construction period of just 14 months.

Supplied with energy from OMV’s steam network the building has a state-of-the-art, lifecycle-oriented energy concept designed by ATP sustain.

In urban planning terms, the building marks the entrance to the refinery complex. It is conceived as an ensemble of four interwoven bridge-like buildings, parts of which float like a sculpture over an existing bunker complex. The dynamic, sloping, sculptural forms of the load-bearing pillars combine in an open, generous gesture to create a dramatic reception space with very special aesthetic qualities.

Clearly visible  from the Schwechat motorway intersection the building responds to the notion of speed and the fascination with “mobility”. The deep multi-colored reveals of the façade ensure that it is experienced very differently from different perspectives.

With a gross floor area of around 13,000 square meters the building offers space for around 300 employees. Arranged around two green “oases”, the offices and meeting rooms offer an excellent user experience.

ATP’s structural engineers ensured that the 65×75 meter building is largely free of columns and offers appropriately flexible spaces for a range of functions. A single central lift core acts as the vertical link between all building volumes and functional areas.

Credits: ATP/Kuball


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