Private: L-House Burgenland, Austria

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November 11, 2020
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The generous, linear and consequent design of this modern home for a young family in southern Burgenland appears to sit lightly and calmly in the gentle hills of the landscape.
Tradition brought to the next level
The idea was to rethinkand develop the tradi- tional L-shaped building with inner courtyard, which is typical of the region, further; trans- forming it into a contemporary, energy effi- cient living model. Lightness and functionality are matched in the same way as sustainability and quality of life.

The building was partly built into the hillside, creating a pro- tected courtyard. Continuous glass surfaces extend the living spaces into the garden and further into the picturesque land- scape. The house is entered via a covered entrance area in the lower level, leading into a two-storey foyer and the inner courtyard. Sleeping, living, cooking, reading and dining areas are all housed in the upper part of the building. In short: Plenty of space to live in. The boundaries of these areas are like the entire architecture of the building: Flowing and interlocking. Everything seems right.


Architect: Architects Collective ZT-GmbH Project description:
Private residence (ultra low-energyhouse) Location: Burgenland,AUT Completion: 2012
Floor area: 300m2 Photographer: Hertha Hurnaus 39

House in the fields | Photo©HerthaHurnaus

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